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Our mission is to tap into the lights of all we work with in order teach them how to sustainably shine. We seek to elevate the consciousness and mindset of all we encounter by giving relatable tools in which to do so. We are about elevation with the goal being to reach levels of success in all areas of our lives.

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Sewell is a dynamic woman with the energy to move any audience. She is truly a rare gem who’s passion is made so obvious in everything she does. When she walks into any room, the energy shifts and she brights up the space. Her messages are powerful, engaging and life changing. Sewell is a must see.

Michael Walker
Michael WalkerEducational DirectorMinneapolis Public Schools

Julia is awesome to work with. Incredibly talented, easy to communicate with. She has a very dynamic personality, and beautiful work. Highly recommended!

Kelita Svoboda Bak
Kelita Svoboda BakCEONYLC

We are always very pleased with Julia and the way she conducts her business.  She is a pillar of this community and very laid back. It has been a great experience working with her over the years and it’s already certain that we will hire her again.

Steve A. Culbertson
Steve A. CulbertsonPresident & CEOYouth Service America



A highly sought after motivational speaker, Julia Sewell is a dynamic, charismatic personality and effective in engaging audiences young and old. Sewell has mastered the art of inspiration, engagement and motivation. Through her arts of spoken word performance, engaging keynotes and workshops, Sewell seeks to revolutionize the way that people learn. Examples of past clients include: school districts, non profits, educational institutions, corporate philanthropic departments, colleges, small business owners, and community leaders.


Our team is made up of educators, artists and innovators that have mastered the art of transforming “what works” into a model that your school, community organization or business can implement to create the change sought after. Example topics of our training workshops include: “implementing innovative methods in the classroom”, “cultural competency via the arts”, “privilege training” and “leadership development training”.

Please contact us using the form below for a complete list of Sewell Speaks LLC trainings.

Weekly Conference Calls on Success

“WOMEN IN BUSINESS” happens twice a week and is for women interested in owning and running their own successful business. The call is 30 minutes and limited to the first 15 clients to register. Calls are held every Sunday and Thursday evening at 7pm.
“MASTER MIND” series is a 4 part series geared toward clients who are looking to align their dreams with their realities. We teach you how to master and quiet the mind in order to manifest the reality you want. Clients may choose to book all 4 calls or just 1.
For pricing on each call offered or to book your space, please email:


Work from idea to creation with Julia Sewell as apart of our “Dream Printing” Program. Here, we will work to blueprint your idea/dream and turn it into action. We will start with your idea, whatever stage it is in, and make monthly goals that will get you towards making your idea/your dream your reality(can be a business, altering habits/lifestyles, etc).

Weekly Empowerment Communication

Weekly Empowerment includes one or more of the following: Weekly motivational calls, Weekly motivational texts and advice and/or weekly motivational emails. Motivation and support go a LONG way on the journey.

 To sign up for weekly communication, email

One on One Consulting with Julia Sewell

One on One Calls/Skype Sessions with Julia Sewell directly are available to purchase. Sessions offered come in 30 min and 1 hour increments.
For rates, email: Sessions can be advice sessions, mentoring sessions, personal/mental health sessions, venting sessions, etc. Sessions are custom tailored to fit the need of the client calling in.